Adidas x Sean Wotherspoon Unveil Vegan Sneaker

Adidas x Sean Wotherspoon Unveil Vegan Sneaker
All images by Adidas Originals

Sustainable fashion is on a steady rise and Adidas has joined on the move thanks to Sean Wotherspoon, a designer who leads a vegan lifestyle. The two unveiled their collaborative effort called the SuperEarth, a Superstar sneaker set for release quite soon.

Adidas took to Instagram will the announcement and wrote: “In our effort to support our sustainability mission to end plastic waste, we’ve partnered with sean_wotherspoon for SuperEarth. Committing together to a more sustainable world, one shoe at a time.”

The shoe will be available worldwide on August 29. Price not yet confirmed.

Video Game History Docuseries High Score Now Showing On Netflix

You can finally take a walk down memory lane to your favourite video games. At last, Netflix is showing High Score, a documentary series tracing “the history of classic video games”. The series gives an insight from the innovators themselves and captures the nostalgia by featuring the gamers that lived through the era of arcade machines.

View Trailer Below!

Youtuber Builds A Mask Gun To Shoot At Mask-less Faces

The Coronavirus case-statistics have shown diversity in not sparring anyone, even young individuals. As restrictions brought by the pandemic settle to the norm, including masks being made compulsory to be worn in most establishments, some people just aren’t for it.

Youtuber Allen Pan built a slingshot that could potentially aggressively, but quite necessarily apply masks to free-roaming individuals. After seemingly succeeding in a test at his workshop, Pan takes his device to the beach.

Whip Of The Week: Sion- The Solar Powered Electric Car That Charges While Driving

Electric cars are cool but what’s not too cool is being stranded with no charging station nearby. Well, Sono Motors listen and delivered. The German startup is developing the first mass-produced solar-powered electric car that is covered in panels, charging itself while driving.

Called Sion, the car will cost about 25,500 euros and boosts with up to “250 kilometres that charges itself through the power of the sun.”


Price €25,500

Battery 35kWh

Drivetrain 120 kW Motor

Trunk Volume 650 l

Charging CCS: 30 Min. /Type 2: 3.5h/ SchuKo: 13h

 Range 255 kilometres according to WLTP standard

Solar Range Up to 34 km/day

Torque 270 Nm

Max. Speed 140 km/h

Tow Bar 750 kg

Zara Larsson Pulled From Apple Music In China After Criticising The State

Zara Larsson Pulled From Apple Music In China After Criticising The State
Image by Gröna Lund on Flickr.

Swedish-born pop singer Zara Larsson is reportedly pulled from Apple Music in China. This comes after the singer criticised the state in an interview last week. The star announced that her partnership with Chinese device maker Huawei had come to an end. She was quoted saying, “it was not the smartest deal I have made in my career”.

The musician went on to say, “It’s not something I stand for. And even if Huawei says they have no connection to it, it’s hard to prove or disprove. We know the Chinese state, it’s not a nice state and I do not want to support it. they do.”