Youtuber Builds A Mask Gun To Shoot At Mask-less Faces

The Coronavirus case-statistics have shown diversity in not sparring anyone, even young individuals. As restrictions brought by the pandemic settle to the norm, including masks being made compulsory to be worn in most establishments, some people just aren’t for it.

Youtuber Allen Pan built a slingshot that could potentially aggressively, but quite necessarily apply masks to free-roaming individuals. After seemingly succeeding in a test at his workshop, Pan takes his device to the beach.

Nostalgia: Lego Unveils Buildable Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System may be turning 37 today, but there’s a lot that’s hasn’t changed and that includes the many adult fans over the moon to relive their Lego childhood. 

With their extended partnership with Nintendo, Lego takes a moment back in time with a replica of the original console NES console featuring Super Mario on a scrolling screen.

The brick-based replica boasts with a buildable TV, controller, a loadable game cartridge and more.