KFC Developing New 3D Bio-Printed Nuggets

KFC Developing New 3D Bio-Printed Nuggets
Image by Maxime Lebrun on Unsplash

The future is looking a little more environmentally friendly, even for the fast-food chain KFC. The company announced that it would be partnering with Russian 3D Bioprinting Solutions to develop the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets.

Dubbed the “meat of the future”, the nuggets will resemble the original taste and appearance to the real deal. However, those on a plant-based diet will still have to sit this one out. Animal cells are used in the production, making them unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians.

New Series from Netflix dives into the Latin American Street Food Scene

For anyone out there that is craving something extra – Netflix will soon air an exciting food series with focus on Latin American street food. A journey that will take our taste-buds for a ride through the South American hottest food joints.

So, if you are not too hungry – check out the trailer above! And prepare your senses for a feast on the 21st of July.