Kavaan, “World’s loneliest elephant” Finally Free From 35 years of confinement

Kavaan, “World’s loneliest elephant” Finally Free From 35 years of confinement
Image by Anjum Naveed/AP

Deemed the “loneliest elephant in the world”, Kavaan has lived 35 years of his life in confinement in a Pakistani zoo. Animal activists have fought throughout the years to rescue the elephant with no prevail. The elephant will finally be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary after the public and celebrities advocated for Kavaan and making the news go viral.

“Following medical checks, which confirmed Kaavan is strong enough, steps will now be taken to finalize his relocation to an animal sanctuary, potentially in Cambodia,” said Martin Bauer, a spokesman for Four Paws

New Dissolvable Ramen Packaging Replaces Plastic

New Dissolvable Ramen Packaging Replaces Plastic
Image: Holly Grounds

College graduate Holly Grounds just solved the plastic problem, at least where ramen packaging is concerned. Instead of plastic, the ramen spice-infused wrapper dissolves into a sauce!

The packaging consists of flavourless biofilm, made from only potato starch, glycerin and water.

Microplastics Emitted By Cars Are Blowing All Around The World

Cars are responsible for conveniently taking us places but they haven’t earned the best reputation when it comes to their environmental impact.

While gasses polluting the air already put a strain on human health, newfound research shows much more lurking in the air.

A recent study published by Nature Communications has revealed that emissions caused by microplastics that fly off from car tires and braking systems while you drive are responsible for the major marine plastic pollution.

And what’s more? Although most pollution comes from Asia and North America, it’s the entire world that bears the consequences. While too tiny to meet the eye, these microplastics sweep up in billions and find their way to remote areas thousands of miles away.