Whip Of The Week: Sion- The Solar Powered Electric Car That Charges While Driving

Electric cars are cool but what’s not too cool is being stranded with no charging station nearby. Well, Sono Motors listen and delivered. The German startup is developing the first mass-produced solar-powered electric car that is covered in panels, charging itself while driving.

Called Sion, the car will cost about 25,500 euros and boosts with up to “250 kilometres that charges itself through the power of the sun.”


Price €25,500

Battery 35kWh

Drivetrain 120 kW Motor

Trunk Volume 650 l

Charging CCS: 30 Min. /Type 2: 3.5h/ SchuKo: 13h

 Range 255 kilometres according to WLTP standard

Solar Range Up to 34 km/day

Torque 270 Nm

Max. Speed 140 km/h

Tow Bar 750 kg

Bugatti introduces $35 000 electric “toy” car

Bugatti introduces $35 000 electric “toy” car
Image by Bugatti

It’s been decades since Bugatti produced an electric car and it’s now back again with a single-seater roadster known as the Baby II. The limited-edition “toy” is a smaller replica of Type 35. The ride is perfect for kids and even adults, but that comes with a big price tag. With only 500 of the model’s to be made, they will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Take a look below to see the smooth features and fitting of the new offering.

Ford Bronco Returns With An Upgrade: Detachable Doors And More

The first Ford Bronco first stole hearts 55 years ago and is now making a return in 2021. The 4×4 comes with many anticipated upgrades, featuring a two-door and four-door model, along with detachable doors and rooftop panels. 

Take a look at what more it has to offer!

Jeep’s Latest Plug-In-Hybrid Wrangle Tease

Famous off-road king Jeep is showing of a new much greener side of their flagship automobile; Wrangler. The car has been on everyone’s lips since the CES technology show back in January this year – and now it seems like Jeep is one step, or mile, closer to releasing their upcoming quiet beast.