KLM & TU delft Fly Out its energy-efficient flying-V aircraft model

KLM and TU Delft are taking flying to new heights! The new Flying-V model is designed for long-haul flights and will use 20% less fuel. The name is derived from the v-shape wings which contain the passenger cabin, cargo hold and tanks.

Kavaan, “World’s loneliest elephant” Finally Free From 35 years of confinement

Kavaan, “World’s loneliest elephant” Finally Free From 35 years of confinement
Image by Anjum Naveed/AP

Deemed the “loneliest elephant in the world”, Kavaan has lived 35 years of his life in confinement in a Pakistani zoo. Animal activists have fought throughout the years to rescue the elephant with no prevail. The elephant will finally be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary after the public and celebrities advocated for Kavaan and making the news go viral.

“Following medical checks, which confirmed Kaavan is strong enough, steps will now be taken to finalize his relocation to an animal sanctuary, potentially in Cambodia,” said Martin Bauer, a spokesman for Four Paws

Some fresh news from the Prince of Bel-Air

Most of us have seen or heard about the absolute hilarious 90’s comedy show ‘the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ starring Will Smith. Well, there are some exciting news. A remake has been confirmed and it will be called ‘Bel-Air’ and will have a twist. In this remake the genre won’t be comedy – it will be a drama.

Will Smith confirmed that the streaming service Peacook ordered two seasons of the show and I believe many of us can’t wait for it to be released.

Check out the trailer below that was made about one year ago as a fun project.

My Octopus Teacher now on Netflix

Friendships can sometimes be strange and beautiful – but in My Octopus Teacher we will dive deeper into a rather odd relationship between an octopus and a human. The human is the nature loving movie maker Craig Foster who bumped into this interesting creature on the coast of South Africa.

Check out the trailer below!

New Trailer For The Batman Unveiled At DC Fandome

New Trailer For The Batman Unveiled At DC Fandome
Image by Warner Bros/DC FanDome

The new trailer reveals everything to look forward to including Zoë Kravitz starring as Catwoman. The teaser also shows Robert Patternsorns take as Batman. Director Matt Reeves previewed the trailer during DC Fandome this passed weekend and explained that the movie’s plot is taking place in the second year of Batman’s career. A few glimpses see Batman doing what he does best, brutally battering the bad guys. Take a look at the trailer to see what to expect!